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"We are here to heal and awaken together."
– Jessica McDuffee

Calling all ...

  • Sensitive, kind, generous, compassionate, and loving souls

  • Healers, mystics, explorers, visionaries, and creatives

  • Weirdos, outcasts, sacred rebels, and mischief makers

Do you want to have deep, meaningful connections and sometimes struggle with feeling lonely, misunderstood, or unwanted?

Do you want to heal from your past and create a better future for yourself and the world and sometimes struggle with feeling overwhelmed, dysregulated, or hopeless?

Do you want to be your
full, empowered, authentic Self and sometimes struggle with recognizing or sharing your gifts, people-pleasing, or playing small?

You are not alone! 

There is a strong impulse of healing and awakening happening on our planet along with an intensification of our personal and collective wounding. 

If you
see this happening and feel a deep impulse to respond compassionately, you are part of the great movement of healers who are being called to step up.   

If you choose to answer this call, it is important to know you don't have to do it alone anymore.


We are here to heal and awaken together!

Awakening Together

There are many challenges that can arise along the spiritual path, and there is tremendous support available from both the seen and the unseen world.


We can learn how to call on the enlightened beings, helping spirits, and healers from the past, present, and future and open up to receive their guidance, healing, and empowerment.


Together, we can stop blaming ourselves and each other for all the pain and suffering on Earth and simply acknowledge the truth, learn from our mistakes, and make different choices moving forward. 

Together, we can heal the illusion of separation and reconnect with the beauty that is all around us and within us. 

Together, we can create a world where everyone's True Nature is recognized, everyone's diversity is celebrated, and everyone's gifts are wanted and appreciated.

You are invited to join the great movement of healers who are stepping up. You don't have to answer this call, now or ever. If and when you are ready, the next step is to schedule a free consultation to learn more about how you can be supported on your sacred path of spiritual healing and awakening.

Meet Your Guide

Photograph of Jessica McDuffee

Jessica McDuffee, MS

Shamanic Healing

Paradigm-Shifting Coaching

Psychedelic Facilitation

Jessica McDuffee is a gifted mystic, wisdom teacher, shamanic practitioner, energy worker, psychedelic facilitator, coach, and ceremonial leader with nearly 30 years of holistic healing experience.

Grounded in educational eminence, Jessica holds a bachelor’s degree in Somatic Psychology and Religious Studies from Naropa University, coupled with a master’s degree in User Experience Design.

She weaves together a diverse tapestry of knowledge, wisdom, and experience to guide people on a mystical journey into expanded states of consciousness where the deepest healing is possible.

Her unique, spiritual approach to transforming personal, interpersonal, ancestral, and collective wounds provides a pathway to creating a world where everyone can thrive. 


Jessica offers soul healing and wisdom teachings to individuals, couples, families, and groups who are interested in:

  • Being their full, empowered, authentic selves;

  • Cultivating deep, meaningful connections with all of life;

  • Healing the wounds of the past; and 

  • Utilizing their gifts to create a world that benefits all. 

Often inventing new methods in the moment, Jessica works intuitively and creatively to help her clients heal and awaken in the easiest and most enjoyable way possible. 

Her work transcends traditional therapy and often produces results that are magical, mystical, and miraculous.


The primary methods she uses can be broadly categorized into Shamanic Healing, Paradigm-Shifting Coaching, and Psychedelic Facilitation. 

Shamanic Healing

Jessica offers four different ways to connect with the shamanic realms:

  1. Receive an energy healing session: Lay down on a comfortable massage table while Jessica goes on a healing journey for you.  

  2. Be guided on a shamanic journey: Connect directly with your helping spirits to receive wisdom, healing, and empowerment.

  3. Learn how to journey on your own: Jessica can teach you the fundamentals of shamanic journeying, so you can practice at home. 

  4. Travel the shamanic realms together: Engage in an interactive style of journeying Jessica created called Awakening Together Through Collaborative Dreaming.  

Learn More


Paradigm-Shifting Coaching

When the whole world seems upside down, it can be useful to see things from a new perspective.


  • Be guided through experiential practices that facilitate higher learning and a deeper connection to your inner wisdom and innate ability to heal and awaken.  

  • Transform outdated patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving, and relating that might be unconsciously preventing you from making progress on your path.  

  • Shift out of the old Punishment Paradigm, which leads to inner and outer conflict, toxic stress, overwhelm, exhaustion, despair, isolation, fear of failure, and fear of success.

  • And, shift into the new Progress Paradigm, which leads to inner and outer peace, safety, connection, love, freedom, empowerment, aliveness, vitality, joy, and abundance.


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Psychedelic Facilitation

Since Colorado's Natural Medicine Health Act passed in 2022, Jessica has been offering Sacred Medicine Ceremonies and Retreats for select clients who are ready to explore the mystical realms of consciousness.  

  • This work begins with prep sessions designed to answer questions, resolve concerns, clear blockages, clarify intentions, and cultivate a healing mindset.

  • The Sacred Medicine Ceremony is a full-day event where you are safely and expertly guided through this life-changing experience in a beautiful and sacred space.

  • Integration sessions after the ceremony help make sense of the often profound and ineffable experiences that took place and provide practical tools for bringing the blessings of the ceremony into your daily life.

Learn More

Image by Tony Sebastian

What Clients Say

“Jessica is the embodiment of a true spiritual, physical, and mental healer. When you work with Jessica, expect to be seen in a place of truth and understanding. If you are looking for a teacher who can softly and clearly guide you, she is the one.”
– Emily
Image by NASA

Remember Who You Are

You are a cosmic being of infinite delight. Your body is the universe dancing an endless dance in ecstatic union with the Divine.

Take Your Seat Amongst the Stars

You belong here. You are home. You are safe and connected to the entire web of life. You are deeply wanted, cared for, and loved. 

Let Your Light Shine

Your existence is a miracle. The precious gifts you were given are exactly what the world needs. It is your birthright and destiny to shine.

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