“Jessica is the embodiment of a true spiritual, physical, and mental healer. When you work with Jessica, expect to be seen in a place of truth and understanding. If you are looking for a teacher who can softly and clearly guide you, she is the one.”

— Emily Bossert, Real Estate Agent

“A massage with Jessica is a transcendent experience. She simultaneously helps you ground into your body and more fully connect with spirit. She is by far the best massage therapist I have received body work from.”

— Annie Henry, Ecologist

“Jessica McDuffee is a living vessel of wisdom.  Whether she is embodying that wisdom through movement and bodywork, or sharing that wisdom through her loving presence and spiritual dialogue, it is a gift to be in relationship with her. Over the years, I have valued Jessica's intuition, nurturance, healing touch, guidance, kindness, intelligence, and friendship. Her professional offerings are an act of service of the highest order.”

— Rafia Rebeck, Psychotherapist

“I have always felt that accessing a deep feeling of safety is one of the first keys to being successful on a therapeutic journey. Jessica has a unique ability to assist in creating that safety for the potential transformation to begin. Add this to her experience and knowledge of the body from many years as a massage therapist, tools from different psychological modalities such as NLP, and an education in religious studies and spirituality, and you have a therapist with many tools to assist different types of healing or optimization. I highly recommend Jessica as a skilled therapist that has helped me find my way out of many situations of feeling stuck and helpless. She is truly a guiding light.”

— Ryan Stevens, LMT and Personal Trainer

“Jessica is one of the most genuine, intelligent, hard working, and authentic people I know. I've had hundreds of massages in my life and I can honestly say she is THE BEST at what she does. Jessica has such compassion and truly has a gift for helping people. She doesn't just 'talk the talk,' she is the real deal.”

— Jen Carter, Aesthetician

“Over a number of years, I have watched Jessica work nominatively, intuitively, and collaboratively to develop new tools to help people on their spiritual journeys. She understands the deep intertwining of the body, the mind, and the energies that interpenetrate both. She uses these insights to combine ancient knowledge and ancient techniques with newer insights and understanding of the body, health, and psychology. She offers a new and unique path for attaining your spiritual goals.”

— Kalev Kristjuhan, Business Owner

“Jessica McDuffee is a rare find. She offers her massage and coaching with extraordinary compassion. Her presence allows one to find center and feel what is possible with slowing down.”

— Erin Love, Acupuncturist

“Jessica’s calm, grounded presence immediately transitions you to a place of more presence and grounding within yourself. Her skillful touch works on many different levels, and her insight and intuition are always right on. She weaves her spiritual experience and worldview into her bodywork in a wonderful combination.”

— Monika Heinbaugh, Massage Therapist