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Goal: The primary goal was to evaluate the usability of Papa John’s desktop website and provide insight into what went well and what could be improved. 

Timeline: This three-week project took place between September and October in 2021.

My Role: I was responsible for conducting a moderated usability test, taking notes, analyzing the data, and writing a report.

This project was completed as part of my Master's of Science degree in User Experience Design at Kent State University. The script used for the study was provided by the teacher, and each student conducted one usability test session.


Process: Here is what I did and why:

  • Conducted a moderated usability test that included several pre-task questions to find out about the participant’s experience with ordering pizza online, a warm-up task to help the participant feel comfortable, and three main tasks to assess the usability of Papa John’s website.

  • Watched four of my classmate's recorded sessions and transcribed them by hand to capture important quotes


  • Created a spreadsheet to organize the data and entered my notes from each participant. I also shared a template of my spreadsheet with my classmates to help boost their productivity.


  • Analyzed the data quantitatively to evaluate the levels of success for each task. I chose this method because it provides more information than a binary success rate.


  • Analyzed the data qualitatively to find out why the successes, partial successes, and failures occurred and to gain deeper insight into the user's experience.

  • Wrote a comprehensive report to communicate the results of the study to the stakeholders and make recommendations for how to improve the enjoyment and usability of their website. 

Results: Three participants successfully completed Task 1 by ordered all three pizzas as instructed. None of the participants were able to successfully complete Task 2 because it was not possible to sign up for deals and coupons with their email only. Only one participant successfully completed Task 3 by contacting the corporate office using the preferred feedback form. 

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