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Image by Tony Sebastian

Psychedelic Facilitation

Explore the mystical realms of consciousness with expert guidance in a safe and healing environment.

$200 | 2-Hour Prep/Integration Session


$400 | 4-Hour Micro Dose Ceremony

$800 | 8-Hour Low/Med Dose Ceremony

$1200 | 12-Hour High Dose Ceremony

$3000 | 3-Day Retreat

$4000 | 4-Day Retreat

$5000 | 5-Day Retreat


Since Colorado's Natural Medicine Health Act passed in 2022, Jessica has been offering Sacred Medicine Ceremonies and Retreats for select clients who are ready to explore the mystical realms of consciousness.  

  • This work begins with prep sessions designed to answer questions, resolve concerns, clear blockages, clarify intentions, and cultivate a healing mindset.

  • The Sacred Medicine Ceremony is a full or half-day event (depending on the dose). It is held in a co-created sacred space where you are safely and expertly guided through this powerful and transformative experience.

  • Integration sessions after the ceremony help make sense of the often profound and ineffable experiences that took place and provide practical tools for bringing the blessings of the ceremony into your daily life. 

  • Extended retreats are available for people who want to take a break from their daily responsibilities and have a life-changing experience. This is particularly great for people visiting from out of state as well as parents and busy professionals who would benefit from slowing down and taking more time for themselves. All food, lodging, and facilitation is included in the price.

Free Consultation

Jessica offers a free 30-60 minute consultation. This provides a great opportunity to get to know each other and see if you're a good fit for working together.

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