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Shamanic Healing

Connect with benevolent helping spirits to receive guidance, healing, and empowerment.

$200 | 2 Hours


Jessica offers four different ways to connect with the shamanic realms:

  • Receive an energy healing session: Lay down on a comfortable massage table while Jessica goes on a healing journey for you.  

  • Be guided on a shamanic journey: Connect directly with your helping spirits to receive wisdom, healing, and empowerment.

  • Learn how to journey on your own: Jessica can teach you the fundamentals of shamanic journeying, so you can practice at home. 

  • Travel the shamanic realms together: Engage in an interactive style of journeying Jessica created called Awakening Together Through Collaborative Dreaming. 

Free Consultation

Jessica offers a free 30-60 minute consultation. This provides a great opportunity to get to know each other and see if you're a good fit for working together.

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