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Initial Consultation | 15 min | No Charge

If we have never met before, it is a good idea to schedule a FREE 15-20 minute phone conversation to get clear on what you are wanting and how I can help.


Meditative Massage | 90 min | $100


 This session begins with a 15-minute guided meditation followed by a 75-minute massage.


The body is often neglected in spiritual practice, but as yogis have known for centuries, it can be a powerful means of awakening. Not only can massage help relieve pain and stress, it can also bring greater awareness to the subtle aspects of the mind and body when given and received with mindfulness and compassion.

The opening meditation gently guides you into accessing this greater awareness and provides an excellent way to let go of the busy activities of your day and transition into a more spacious, relaxed, and embodied state.


Receiving a massage in this meditative state of embodied presence allows for greater healing to take place on all levels. By utilizing a wide-variety of massage techniques, I provide a full-body massage that is both gentle and integrative as well as deeply therapeutic and pain-relieving.





Spiritual Coaching | 90 min | $125


This service begins with a 15-minute guided meditation followed by a 75-minute coaching session.


The promises of the spiritual path are no longer out of reach.

By utilizing the most advanced methods for transformation and wholeness, you can develop greater compassion for yourself and others, transform encumbered emotions into wisdom, dissolve the limited sense of "I", and learn how to rest effortlessly in pure awareness.


This may sound appealing to you, but the big question is how? The two most effective techniques I have found are Core Transformation and Wholeness Work, both developed by Connirae Andreas, PhD, a world-renowned trainer and author. These methods effectively guide us towards increased wholeness through what we typically think of as obstacles or problems.

Rather than making some part of us wrong or bad, trying to get rid of some aspect of our experience, or trying to force ourselves to change using conscious willpower, these methods use self-compassion to gently dissolve all the previously unwanted parts of our experience into an unconditional embrace of our whole being.

These methods provide the steps for reliably accessing core states such as pure awareness, oneness, presence, luminosity, deep peace, the Now, and universal love — not merely as an intellectual understanding, but as an ongoing, lived reality.

For many of us, this is a very profound experience of what we've been seeking through spirituality, and with repeated practice can lead to ongoing transformation of our "issues" as we become more generally resourceful and awakened human beings.






Meditation Instruction | 30 min | No Charge/Donation

In addition to the 15 minutes of guided meditation already included in every massage and coaching session, you can add another 30 minutes or book this service as a stand alone appointment. This can be a wonderful way to deepen your existing meditation practice or receive instructions if you are a new practitioner. There is no charge for this offering. Donations are accepted, but not expected or required.

Meditation instruction is simply about having a spiritual friend or teacher to check in with on a regular basis about how your practice is going. When we meditate on our own without proper guidance, it is easy to go astray or get stuck in a rut for long periods of time without making any progress. We can even stop meditating all together.


Having someone to share your experiences with can support your practice by providing accountability and feedback. It's not about telling you what to do, but listening and guiding so you come to your own insights and wisdom.


Meditation instruction can be just as helpful for complete beginners interested in learning how to meditate for the first time as it is for seasoned practitioners wanting to take their practice to the deepest levels of realization — or anyone in between.